Welcome to the Corruption Wikia

Offical Corruption Wikia, I thank Place rebuilder for the source code

About Corruption

Corruption Is a game made by imhypershadow, The objective is to stop a corruption before it takes over the world.This game is currently a work in progress and a mere 1% is done.


Pick any topic or catagory for that matter you like!(Click the Topic, not image =P)



Some of the Wepons used in corruption to face off with those pesky enimies!

Corruption Jammer


The stats of items, functionality, controls etc.

4 Blades


A page with all the planned bosses thier info, official art, Logo, Stats

Corruption crystal


Enemy Names, Pictures, Official art, etc. It's all here!

Corruption Etc

(The noob says Etc)


The extra ordinary information!




Show Foes Who is the Boss!

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